Breaking Records

Brazil’s leadership in the world coffee trade is unquestioned. It is the largest producer, biggest exporter and second major coffee consumer.

Brazil is the only producing country that grows all coffee qualities. From the finest washed or natural Arabica varieties to choice Robustas (Conillon). It can also claim to be the only origin to produce Rio Zona Arabica.

Brazil’s coffee supply chain is considered to be one of the most forward thinking when it comes to its labor and environmental laws.

The country has close to 290 thousand coffee producers working in over 15 states.

Its growing techniques and productivity yields keep setting standards for other producing countries.

The country produces around 35% of all coffee consumed in the world and aims to show its partners that it is ready to increase this market share.

Currently 85% of all coffee is shipped out of the modern Port of Santos which includes Guarujá’s left bank harbor complex.

Our region has a calling for the Seminar. Since its beginnings in the 1970’s this biannual event attracts a large public from the coffee supply chain from Brazil and abroad. It is an ideal setting to meet and discuss issues that affect the trade today and those that will in the future.

This is a perfect time for foreign traders and buyers to visit Brazil since it coincides with the beginning of the coffee harvest season. Counting on Brazilian and foreign decision makers, we expect around 500 attendees. It will be a great chance to meet and exchange experiences and information with payers from the entire supply chain.

The Santos Commerce Association, with its rich 147 year history, is proud to have been instrumental in the coffee businesses’ development and once again hosts this traditional event diligently planned by its Coffee Exporter’s Sectional Chamber.

For all these reasons and many more we look forward to having you as our guest at the XXII Santos International Coffee Seminar which will happen on May 9th and 10th 2018 in enchanting City of Guarujá.